In the fall of 2007, Andy Lum started Unity Selections as an importer and distributor of fine wines based in Denver, Colorado. Unity Selections was founded based on a desire to develop a focused portfolio of exceptional, family-owned, estate-based producers of hand-crafted wines. Andy's ideas and contacts were formulated during his previous years at Grand Vin, a fine wine distributor in Colorado, and Chateau Montelena Winery.

The wine industry, like other businesses, has experienced progressive consolidation in all its tiers of distribution (producer, wholesaler and retailer/restaurant). These consolidation forces threaten to standardize wine quality and diminish the scope of alternative consumer choice. Unity Selections concentrates on a strong sense of partnership between all of the tiers of distribution.

Unity Selections appreciates the esoteric nature, the knowledge, and the experience of knowing how the transformation takes place from the farmer to the glass. It is certainly true that the "fine wine" world is not just business, but is a blend of art, science, and good business practices. It is full of intrigue, and those who are captured by it can speak as easily with a winemaker about vineyard practices and vinification techniques as with a customer about virtues and sales appeal of a wine. The appreciation for the products themselves leads us to share, as partners, in a plan for successful distribution, without constant conflicts of interest between the producer and the wholesaler. Unity Selections understands how to tailor our approach to our partner winery's strategic goals as they merge with our own.

The goal of Unity Selections is to assemble a portfolio of producers that represent a diverse, international range of wineries that emphasize biodynamic, organic or sustainable viticulture and winemaking. Unity Selections represents these producers through a team of young, dynamic and highly motivated professionals in sales, marketing and operations who share the company's vision and its standards of excellence and service.

Unity Selections focuses on telling your story to the right kinds of accounts; fine wine merchants and independent restaurants who will reach the consumer and build the brand in an organic and lasting way.

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